Consolidation of the stone substrate to Augustus Pugin's 1845 polychromy designs at St Marie’s, West Tofts Church, Stanton Battlefield Training Ground, Norfolk, 2013 (for wall painting conservators, Andrea Kirkham and Brian Cardy).

Tests to disrupted areas of the vault were made with Calosil E25, Syton 1:3, Syton 1:2 applied 7-10 times, and 10 applications of Paraloid B72 1.5% (w/w) in 1:1 Acetone/IMS, Paraloid B72 2% (w/w) in 1:1 Acetone/IMS.

Final treatment was with Paraloid B72 at 2% in 1:1 Acetone/IMS, applied between 10-16 times by syringe in injections and floods. Areas treated were swabbed (as appropriate) with Acetone on cotton wool. One detached area was re-adhered with spots of Paraloid B72 40% (w/w) in Acetone.

Losses to the stone (mainly arrisses) were then capped with a 3:1 mortar of sieved Chard sand and lime putty, with <5% trass pozzolan.